Monday, September 28, 2009

Silver linings - or simply wet?

This post is for the people of the future. The people who have run out of water, if tonight's news on climate change is to be believed, or who find the temperature has risen by an absurd number of degrees. If they still surf old blogs, if someone has the perverse energy to research how people reacted when the acceleration towards global catastrophe began - this, my friend, is for you.

Because where I live, in this miserable corner of western Scotland, we've barely seen the sun for a week. Every morning we waken to grey skies, and on days like today we have rain drifting in curtains for hours on end. Sometimes it blows on a randomly gusting wind, sometimes it just falls. It's not cold, and it's not warm. It's just grey. And it grows dark absurdly early and when we waken to yet another grey dawn we feel there's no point in looking. We phone relatives - in the South, even in Edinburgh - and hear of long sunny days, BBQs in the garden, walks in the park. And from a recent trip to London I know that the sun shines there and that they actually could do with a bit of rain to clean the streets up and sort the garden out. And from flying home I know that up there above the grey there is brightness and blueness and ... and ...

Today I had to go to the shops in the afternoon. I put on my long mac and trailed about in deserted Argyll Street till I found stuff to take the smell of spilled diesel out of my washing machine (don't even think of asking. Read my tweets) The rain drifted the way it does on a misty mountain top, and there was no-one there. They were all in the comforting brightness of the supermarket, and they were all - all - moaning about the weather, about depression, about SAD coming early, about leaving town, about migrating, about holidays in the sun.

So, dear researcher, that's how we feel, we cloud-dwellers. We feel sad. Sad and damp and irritable. I have one bright spot to report, however:

I saw the moon tonight. It's gone again, but I saw it. Every cloud ....


  1. wish I could send you some sun shine from La Rochelle !

  2. Sheesh! Move to Palm Springs. Or maybe Kinghorn on Fife's *sunny* Costa del Coal:-)

  3. hahaha...what Fr Dougal said!

    Chris, we in the Bristolwood were so dry, we actually had to have a load of water delivered to fill our well. That was Friday.

    On Saturday night, the rains began. We haven't seen the sun since then. So many people are groveling and complaining here as well and I just smile....last night, the temperature wasn't *too* far from freezing. hehehe
    See where I am going? (Our weatherman, who is a wealth of info, informed us the 3.5 inches of RAIN Buffalo got the other day would translate to 3.5 FEET of snow.)

    Well, there I said it. S-N-O-W! It's a four letter word here, but hey, I love winter. Snow, gray skies, cold.....yup. Love it all!!!

    Bottom sunny skies here!