Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring contrasts

 This morning was swathed in fog, here on the Clyde coast. It was cold, damp, grey and depressing. It looked as if it might stay like that all day, might continue to be a dismal backdrop to a comfortable life.

Around 2pm , there was a sudden lightening of the sky. By three o'clock the sun was shining, and half an hour later I was in this sunlit wood where the daffodils that lurk untended in the rough grounds of Toward Castle were golden among the brown tussocks.

Later, I walked by the calm sea. Peewits called in their creaky voices as five of them at least wheeled and dived above the fields. The sun gleamed on the water.

I felt my spirits rise.

But in Kuji City, it looks as if Spring will never come again. I found the Kuji City blog, and on it this image, among many others. There are videos that show a desolate road winding among piles of rubble. No-one speaks.

The silence is broken by what sounds like crows calling. It looks cold, grey and sad. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to have lost everything so suddenly and so completely. And now it seems as if there is further horror to come as control slips from those dealing - how heroically - with the threat of radiation from the damaged nuclear reactors.

And I was depressed?


  1. I'm finding it hard as a Christian right now to accept that a God who is all knowing and all powerful either causes or lets things like this happen. Some serious prayer being sent to Japan right now.

  2. It's more complicated than that, though - isn't it? I find it helps my understanding if I think about how it is when the child you love is suffering or in danger - you don't love them less because you've given them the freedom to suffer or be threatened.

  3. Oh my...yes, we get do comfortable in our own little worlds sometimes. When life is unfolding in a predictable and gratifying way, it is hard to imagine others living with suffering and hardship.

    Living in a fallen world is so hard because we often look to God and wonder HOW He can allow the things He does. And yet, the Scriptures speak loud and clear of the prince of the air...

    Come Lord Jesus, come!!