Friday, March 28, 2014

The Well

©Sieger Köder
It is a well, God, a pool
so dark as to show me only
myself. It draws me to look 
compels my absorption
demands my irretrievable commitment
to its depths. And there
within that dark mystery
I am at once lost and no longer
alone. Can there be returning
to the brightness of a sunlit
morning? I think not. Will it feel
like loss? Or will the fearful leap
reward me with the companionship for ever
of the love that in the shining air
I wear like a wound?
The ripples spread on the darkness that
enfolds my falling soul.

©C.M.M., Iona, March ’14        

A second product of meditation on retreat on Iona. A response to an intriguing postcard as well as an even more intriguing - and to some disturbing - video.

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