Friday, May 26, 2006

Blogless blues - or greys

Today it is raining. The temperature is 7 degrees. The sky is a uniform grey and the sea looks … lumpy. But none of this would matter - well, not really - if I could get my broadband back. At the moment I’m satisfying my cravings by using yet another friend’s PC (all these PCs ..) on dial up, because her modem was also fried. Same storm. Demon are still trying - they rang an hour ago to promise that a BT person would either phone or appear at the door. Maybe it will have happened by the time I go home. Meanwhile, dearly beloved reader(s), don’t forget me - it’s bad enough that the line is dead without feeling I am dead too!

And in Crete the sun will be shining, and the wind blowing the wine-dark sea into white foam, and it will be hot. The white roses at my bedroom door bloomed and drooped within days even though I watered them. Nothing is drooping here except under the weight of rain. Everything is fiercely, aggressively green. But my internet holiday has gone on too long.

And now I must go home and make the lunch.


  1. Hello there

    Sorry to hear about your continued network nightmare. It is a real pity because I think you would enjoy seeing the pictures and catching up with some of the nonsense your son got up to (with others it has to be said) at the eLive conference in Edinburgh.

    He did say that you were so keen to meet me that you were even considering coming to SETT. I'd love to meet you too, but don't feel you need an excuse. Next time you are coming through to Glasgow on a "school day", let me know and if I'm able I'll meet you somewhere in the twon for lunch. Bring Mr Blethers too - not that we need a chaperone! :-)

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    You have my sympathies... I'm still stuck on dial-up (and the hamsters are really not peddling as hard as I think they ought) and that's painful enough; to be stuck internetless and begging is just vile.

    The lightning was very spectacular but appears to have goosed (that's an official technical term) a great deal of equipment.

  3. David, you're on, mate - and I don't need a chaperone at my advanced age! ;-p Who'da thunk I'd be arranging assignations online so far from my teens ....
    Claire - I may yet cut my throat. 'Fraid you're not in the will, though ....