Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bluebells and Demon

If I were online properly and chez moi, I'd be posting a pic of bluebells. I've just been to Kilmun Arboretum, where there are millions of them scattered among the trees, with the embryonic bracken fronds pale green and delicate arching above them. The scent is elusive yet magical, and mingles with the pine smells from the forest - you want never to wear perfume again after smelling such perfection. I have taken many photos, and they will eventually - God and Demon willing - appear on Flickr. (I had to put that parenthesis in - too nicely antithetical to miss. Even though I am trying not to be a bore, it's a bit like touching wood - I don't like to assume anything at this point.)

While on about Demon, I'd like to note that they "Don't support wireless connection". Why not? Does any other ISP take a more enlightened view? Or is it just a complication too many? These are not rhetorical questions, so any answers would be a help - though it'll be a day or two before I can see them.

Signing off from the world of borrowed dial up ......


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Most ISPs won't support wireless (or certainly not more than to ensure that any equipment they provided that it supposed to have a wireless signal is producing one). Wireless is a pain in the rear end and so many different things can be wrong with it that whilst they don't mind you using it, they'll only really take you seriously and accept that it's THEIR fault if your equipment is firmly tethered to theirs by a nice data cable.

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    BT sell as part of their package a wireless access point / router (sorry very technical)which they support from their help desk.

    Lots of people use wireless these days as I have for a couple of years now. The signal strengh does vary but most of the time it works. One tip is to buy all the bits and pieces from the same manufacturer. They are more likely to be compatible!

  3. Thanks, guys. Tonight we have to take our modem to someone else's computer to see if it's dead. I think we could have done this a week ago but the ISP said it was the line. My withdrawal symptoms are becoming troublesome. :-(