Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On the road again ...

Rennes, deserted on July 14
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This view of Rennes, taken from the car park of the Gare SNCF on the morning of July 14, seems a suitable one to illustrate my last blog post for a week or so. France was on holiday that morning, and I'm off on my travels again, heading south into the heat of England for some TLC with friends. It's hot enough here, in all conscience - 20º C at 10pm in Dunoon is pretty extraordinary, and we hit 30º this afternoon.

The trip will probably exacerbate the strange dreams I've been having: I waken thinking I'm sleeping somewhere different - a cave, a distant chateau - and worried because I only seem to have a T shirt with me. It takes several minutes to work out that I'm in the room I should be in - but as I keep changing rooms, so to speak, that's confusing too.

Maybe I need to settle down for a while?


  1. Grande récréation ressemblée! Heureux vous avez eu un ceilidh.

    Vous pouvez le prendre maintenant facile. J'ai toujours su que vous ne vous retireriez jamais!

    Again - I hope this makes sense. Word order was never my strong point. Take it easy... :-)

  2. Too hot there... So wear white t-shirt.. White will reflect the heat so don't feel
    too hot
    .. But still hot though.. hehe

  3. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Christine, John et famille ,

    glad to see you had a safe trip back home. Thanks for your blog, it's so nice reading and seeing "le journal du mariage"

    It's perfect English, great private tuition for me !!

    Grosses bises et à bientôt


  4. I have so enjoyed "le journal du mariage".
    Your writing is so..mmm...readable! I particularly like the underlying humour of your observations.

  5. Thank you - or should that be thank yous all? I've enjoyed reliving the mariage through writing - though my priorities were questioned when I was blogging instead of facilitating our next jaunt!