Thursday, November 15, 2007

A visit to Grandmama's

I'll just eat a finger
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I'm in the middle of remembering one of the potent reasons for having children when you're young. My gorgeous granddaughter decided to pay us a visit this week, and brought her mum along to carry her gear, provide the grub and so on. What a commanding presence a tiny child can be! It's not that she wails a lot - though having recently discovered how to scream she does go in for some vocal exercises which will have her in the first sopranos before long - but she has an entire repertoire of beguiling little noises and smiles of recognition and/or amusement which make it almost impossible to ignore her.

However, that's her away to bed after an exciting day in which she had a walk beside the sea and another one up the Bishop's Glen, coming down in the dusk. As do all our guests on their first visit, she found the fresh air totally soporific and slept from the moment she left the house. This meant that she was also able to stay up and watch East Enders, which apparently she's not allowed to do at home. Grandmas can be such a bad influence ...


  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    I didn't think she could get more gorgeous, but she has! Lovely!

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Ah - but did you manage to stay awake to watch Eastenders?

  3. Just, Freda, just. But my recording of "Spooks" was another matter! I'm very hazy on how it panned out ...

  4. It is quite a lot of fun to be such a bad influence! I am going to email you 3 animoto movies I did with my grandkids (age 4, 6, and 8). Great fun seeing the pictures they selected out of a bunch! Catriona is absolutely adorable! Great picture!

  5. Anne, it was interesting to see what photos they chose! My experience with Animoto was that it never took as many pics as I chose, so I ended up feeling cross - I guess I needed to take more care with my choice.