Saturday, January 19, 2008

Extremely interesting

If you didn't watch BBC 2's Extreme Pilgrim last night, then do take the chance to see it before Thursday. I've missed the other two films in which a C of E priest looks at different approaches to spirituality, but this week's showed him retracing the steps of the Desert Fathers and experiencing three weeks of solitude in a hermit's cave in the desert.

I was very taken with Peter Owen Jones, whose seriousness and humour provided a balance and a sensitivity to the people and situations he encountered. I was very struck by the Bedouin with whom he crossed the Egyptian desert - one of whom asked him if he understood depression - and Father Lazarus, who lent him his cave for the three weeks and kept an eye on him from another cave further up the mountain. At the end of the time, I could see - as could Father Lazarus - that Jones had been changed by his experience. I suspect that he may not be the only one.


  1. I've met Father Lazarus, in Egypt. Might blog about it when I've seen the programme.

    I couldn't quite figure out whether Fr L was the holiest person I had ever met or the most barking. He might have been both.

  2. Kelvin, I'd be fascinated. Please do - and if there is ever a chance, I'd be interested to talk about what you think.