Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bucolic baby

What more could I want?
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My granddaughter is paying a visit to the West just now. I'm amazed all over again at how babies develop - seeing her in our environment rather than her own home somehow reinforces this. Instead of the baby who lay on her back or reclined in her seat passively watching, we have a 9 month old search engine, programmed to seek out and investigate cables (hidden under the audio set-up), ceramic pots (likewise concealed under furniture), the gas fire and, this morning, the wine rack. The full wine rack. In a few weeks, it seems, she has learned vigorous forward motion and a cunning sideways twist from a sitting start which propels her suddenly towards some interesting object. And every new discovery is greeted with grunts of interest and squeals of delight.

In addition to all this domestic exploring, she had a walk in the country yesterday. She seemed unfazed by midges despite ending the day with two bites on her face (note: obviously has Argyll blood: they remained tiny and have now vanished). But the best moment came when the sheep in the field beside the road suddenly moved closer. Catriona's scream of delight had them all charging off again, including the toddler lambs and the daft-looking beast with its half-demolished fleece dangling from its flanks. Was it a case of not recognising them as animals until they came closer? How far does a nine-month baby see?

Answers from any experts out there in the comment box, please!


  1. I haven't a clue how far they can see but I love the picture you paint (and the real pictures as well)!

  2. Anonymous12:04 AM

    You are making me jealous! Linda & I wait patiently for our first! That's why we have all the dugs and cats!

    If and when he or she comes, "it" will be spoiled rotten!

    Now, my grandmother was a twin! Do you think it's possible???

  3. She is so adorable, Chris, and I love the "search engine" comment!

    I've no idea how far a baby sees, but it sounds like the sheep were just so much fun! (sounds as though that one was in a state of "undress"!!!)

    It is always so awesome how quickly babies change from complacent "audience" to hands-on "demonstrators"! Enjoy your visit!!!!

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I share your joy in seeing the world anew through the eyes of your grandchild. It is a true gift.

  5. "a 9 month old search engine, programmed to seek out and investigate"


    And seeing the world anew... I remember saying how much more fun Christmas was after the arrival of our firstborn. I guess it gets even better when the grandchildren arrive - great fun and parents to take over when the inevitable tantrums arrive. :-)