Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Norman MacCaig on God

This is the poem I read on Sunday which moved me to write again. I have Mr B to thank for pointing it out to me as we discussed the morning's readings. I can hear Norman MacCaig's voice in the words. I think it's great. I shall keep trying!

The big tease

When the flood went down
Noah was glad
in his gloomy way
and gave thanks to the Lord.

When the ram
made its pitiful noise
in the thicket
Abraham gave thanks to the Lord also.

They thought big in those days.
- Anyone who carried a joke
so far
must be the Lord.

Even Ishmael
had to admit it.

Norman MacCaig.


  1. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I hadn't encountered that one - brilliant!(And BTW I've issued my blog challenge a little early -take a peek)

  2. So simply put, and yet, so succinct!

    I was going to comment yesterday that the young girls' comment regarding Sunday is so indicative of how far removed from God we have become....The Day of Delight has become so mundane and cheerless it is no longer looked forward to.....?