Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Skype family McIntosh

Skype family
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You've read about the family that blogs together? Well now you have the family that Skypes together. Thanks to the generous loan of an iSight from Mr Heathbank I was at last able to appear as more than an old photo for Catriona on Skype.

When I was small I was obsessed with the notion of travelling in Space - and the capital S is intentional. And I'm talking pretty small here - seven or so, if memory serves. But later came the kind of communications they had in the first series of Star Trek: I dreamed of face-to-face chats at the touch of a button. And here it is. Allowing for the slight time-lag when we waved to each other - as you can see, I'm doing just that - it was pretty impressive.

By the end of the call Catriona seemed to have become used to the idea that her grandparents were in the laptop. I can remember when I was convinced an entire symphony orchestra - complete with white ties and tails - fitted inside my parents' black bakelite radio. Some things don't change - they simply become more fun.


  1. Isn't technology wonderful? Such a cool way to stay in touch...

    When I was little, I was totally awestruck by Dick Tracy, the cartoon fellow with the big square chin! I dreamed of the day when we could just speak into a watch-like bracelet to people. Guess cell phones are pretty close,eh?

  2. I looked, I saw, I giggled.

  3. Anonymous11:51 PM

    that's just awesome

  4. Cool, eh? Even if we do look like inmates of the asylum...

  5. I think this has to be one of my favorite posts. NO, you do not look like inmates of the asylums- this is truly my all time favorite post. I just finished commenting to Ewan. Catriona is so beautiful. I love sharing the moments. What joy you and John must be feeling! Being a grandparent is so awesome. Skype makes so many precious moments available for all to share. I'm speechless....