Monday, July 06, 2009

Sun gear

This blogette/bloguette/whatever is really for Mrs Tosh, who provided the excellent anti-sunburn garment worn by Catriona in the photo. It's a while since I had a summer holiday here: the sun is truly fierce. There is the problem of persuading Catriona that it's ok to get it wet, but it's reassuring none the less. (Is that one word? Phone spell-check likes it not. And while being pedantic: the title of the last post was an echo of Wind in the Willows rather than anything more erudite. It's hard to be accurate in tanto discrimine rerum.


  1. Mrs Tosh10:05 PM

    Good to see her wearing it. I am sure she will get it wet at some point - perhaps you could dunk her in the pool...

  2. Sto correctus!!! (I'm sure I saw in an Astérix somewhere a sign on a wall saying (accurately) domus dulcis domus.

    I never was a Pooh fan, but I did like some of the Latin version. I loved the reply to the question about the Heffalumpus: "Quid faciebat?" "Heffalumpabat."

  3. I have no idea why I dragged Pooh Bear into the Wind in the Willows (which I also never liked). I must be a person of very little brain. And I'm tired.