Monday, August 31, 2009

Aleatoric Iggle Piggle

Hmm. Both hands
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There's something wonderful about watching discovery happen. Catriona, who's just two, realised at the weekend that her grandad could play Iggle Piggle's tune (if you don't know, you've not been around young children recently) on the piano. She instantly recognised the tune and wanted to join in. After a few solo explorations of the keyboard came the joyous moment of the duet - Grandad playing around her tiny hands, while Catriona picked out notes for herself.

Actually the result was slightly unsettling, like the sound-track to a Hitchcock movie or The Turn of the Screw - the jaunty, familiar melody juxtaposed with the sudden sourness of dissonance. But she was enthralled.

Another great moment was inspired by the finale of the Cowal Games, as we watched the bands march down Argyll Street, each playing their own tunes. Catriona found the pipes too loud (they are, actually) but loved the drums. (I think her father has got to her). When she came home afterwards, she had the gallus walk of the tenor drummer to a T - and the hand movements as she drummed away at the air, laughing like a mad thing.

I guess I'll have to wait for the outcome: the grand piano on stage, or the draggled march behind the pipers ...


  1. With a name like that it has surely got to be an accordian.

  2. John K8:24 PM

    At first sight very encouraging, but close observation shows that Catriona is only playing on the white keys! Come on, you're two years old, girl.

  3. JK, I have to tell you that she discovered the black keys later in the session. Nah nah. ni nah nah!
    (Spot the attempt to turn that into solfa rhythm...)