Saturday, October 17, 2009

Change and decay ...

The new cell phone arrived while I was away. Actually, two phones - one for Mr B as well - and they came early despite my earnest conversation with the man from Vodafone to the effect that there would be nobody chez nous until yesterday. However, a neighbour signed for them and since last night they have sat, still in their packaging, on the sitting room floor.

Now it's midnight of another day and I've only just opened the box of one of them. It's very similar to my old one, with which I have been deliriously happy (that's hyperbole, but you get my drift), but longer and thinner. Whether or not this will be a good thing only time will tell. Apparently it has a better camera. And the one for Mr B is identical, which will be good in that he'll now be able to work mine if the need arises, but bad in that I can see one of us going off with the wrong phone.

But I realise that once again I'm on the threshold of change. And though I know that as soon as I start using it all will be well, right now I'm wondering why I have to change at all. My old phone - all of three years old, I think - is a familiar friend. And as yet they haven't sent me the promised recycling bag, so it will sit reproaching me as I set up its successor.

Maybe, after all, I am a dinosaur.


  1. I'll take your old ones for The Gambia!

  2. I've just done a similar post on my new Nokia....slowly coming to terms with it! Mine didn't have a camera or Bluetooth or.... or....or, and it served me well for many happy years. I especially liked the games on it and would happily play them for hours in the corner of a shop, whilst the other half looked for clothes. Unfortunately I don't like (OR MAYBE JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND) the ones on this phone.

    May the two of you be very happy together!

  3. You need a nice sticker for yours. That's how Rob and I distinguish our laptops!

  4. Currently we have one all set up and working while the other languishes with a stuck battery cover, so we're having to exchange it for another one! But Kenny - you're on for the Gambia; just wait till we get both the new ones working. You'll need to get SIM cards for them.

  5. Wahhhooooooooooooooooooo!

    Sorry. I *am* an American and we do yell uncontrollably sometimes.

    Congratulations on the new phones! I am green with envy. You see, I have this little *problem*. I guess that is what it is called, anyway.

    I am addicted to technology. I LOVE all the new "stuff" as it comes out. And, to add some trouble to the mix, Mark also loves technology!!!

    We currently have the HTC Mogul that is a little more than 2 years old. This is a smartphone that is fantastic, but, well....outdated.

    We looked into getting the HTC Touch Pro 2, but the HTC Hero with an Android operating system looks more enticing. However, with our current plan, we cannot use the Hero. So...we shall hold our breath and wait for the HTC Leo to come to America. (it has debuted in Europe already, I believe)

    We will not talk about my (outdated) camera or laptop......

  6. Maybe, after all, I am a dinosaur.

    Now, a rude person would probably mention tyrannosaurus rex at this point.

  7. Do I know any such persons? Shurely not!

  8. You're right. That's just the sort of thing that Shirley Knott would say.

  9. What's this "cell phone" nonsense? I'm just back this morning from two weeks in the USA, and even there I heard announcements in theatres (theaters) requesting the silencing of mobile phones. On some roadside signs you see their Sunday name: cellular phones. Watch your nomenclature, Mrs B!

    PS - you'd have loved the young Hassidic Jew sitting next to me last night: iPod, Mac laptop - the works. From casually nonchalant noseyparkering, I saw that he was watching sermons or expositions in Hebrew with English subtitles. From an unaccustomed sense of decency, I forbore to watch the 8,362 or so photos that he looked at. Sometime about 4 a.m. BST, he put on his hat & coat, faced the bulkhead next to an emergency exit, and prayed discreetly. If I'd known what Terminal 5 is like, I would have joined him.

  10. Glad to hear from you, ABF - I've your acerbic reminders to the point of wondering if you had somehow departed this earth and not just the country. Welcome back, sweetness...

  11. Is there a "missed" missing?

    Missed you, too.