Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bubbling away

Time for confession. I've become addicted to a game. And it's on my iPad - so I don't even have to visit the study to play it. Bubbles is described as a hybrid puzzle-shooter game combining elements of puzzle, shooter, strategy and action games. I'm glad it apparently involves all these apparently thoughtful things that might keep my aged brain functioning, for it's up there on a par with Tetris in my addiction stakes.

Apart from the danger of repetitive strain injury (I play with the middle finger of my right hand, if you're interested) there's the problem of seeing life as a series of bubbles to be burst. I realised I had it bad when I looked up from losing a game (I don't actually know how you win it) and visualised the black jacket of someone talking on the television suddenly disintegrating as a black bubble hit it.

I've recently found Tetris on Facebook, which may go some way to weaning me off Bubbles, but the lure is strong. Anyone got something else I can waste my time with?


  1. Jings, that is so old a game, too. We've had it for linux for *years*. :)

    Presumably you've worked out that the aim is to demolish the greatest clusters by firing the ball at the largest cluster of the same colour?

    Having-it-bad is when you've been playing Duke Nukem and you see a cracked wall down a street and think a #5 RPG would do the job nicely.

  2. Morag7:39 AM

    Em, well you can find a whole range of bubble shooting games on Facebook as well. Suspect thats not quite what you had in mind though :-)

  3. The old ones are the best - it reminds me of the one that came bundled with the ZX Spectrum, only that was bricks! And yes, I delight in hitting a sea of purple and seeing it explode - I have a long history of silly-game-playing. :-)

  4. Sadly me too.

    I deleted it from the iPad but couldn't bring myself to delete it from the computer and now it's back on the iPad.

    It's not as though I haven't got enough to do without wasting time with such addiction.

    I need to bite the bullet and delete the thing entirely.

    A bit like my pre-Mac days of playing Spider Solitaire.