Monday, June 27, 2011

Frock it!

I very rarely write about clothes. Dresses even less often. But there's a family wedding on the horizon, and it will still be summer (stop laughing) and the usual black elegant breeks seem ... well, black. And besides they've been round the block a bit, beginning with the time they climbed out of an Argyll ditch after a car crash, and that wasn't yesterday. The good news, I suppose, is that they remained elegant and that they still fit. But I digress.

In the interests of trying, I send for a dress that caught my eye in a sale. Lovely material - silk/cotton - lovely  subtle slatey colour, potentially flattering lines and length. And it arrives, and it fits. But there's the rub. I don't like myself in it. I hitch up the skirt to see if the new knee-length would have been any better, but find it as unflattering as ever. (I don't think knee-length cuts it unless you wear killer heels and have a long tibia. Or two.) I realise my ankles are looking ... well, old. The bump from the sprain a month ago doesn't help, and I daresay they'd be improved by tights - another horror. Loathe tights.

I think I'm in danger of looking like the matronly aunt-in-law that I actually am. I can't bear myself in this mode. What to do? I shall give the shops one last try. I'm not holding out much hope. But I'd like to issue a warning to any of the generation that might be having any ideas: I'm not up for this dressing-for-a-wedding caper. It's not me.

Now, what about a nice little fascinator ...?


  1. Oh dear. What to wear, what to wear, what to wear!!! The age old dilemma. Funny how styles change...I have always loved empire-waisted free flowing summer dresses. A few years ago, all one could FIND was sheer,body-clinging styles. The funniest thing in all this is that it appears anything goes...and yet, well...not really. Confusing, it is!! I certainly hope you find that one perfect dress!

  2. I will not let you have a fascinator but I have high hopes of finding the perfect dress on Wednesday!

  3. There's a new place opened up here on Bute which, I'm told, has a flattering range of stuff suitable for all ages! My informant has purchased (emphasise second syllable please) a very glamourous top to wear over eg silky 'dress' jeggings or update of the black breeks...

    Your deja vue has wedding hats, did you know that?