Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cheshire cat blogs?

I was startled to notice this morning that an entry I posted last night on the Cursillo blog had vanished overnight. Further investigation during the day found Ewan's edublogs gradually reverting to entries published last week, shrinking in a rather worrying fashion. Apparently Typepad is down - and technicians are "working diligently" to fix the problem.
Question: where does all the data go? Is it sitting helplessly but intact somewhere, or is it dematerialised like Star Trek personnel after Scotty has failed to beam them up?


  1. Anonymous1:45 AM

    It looks like the posts are all back now. Generally the servers on which the data's sitting will be backed up (although possibly only once a day) probably onto magnetic tape (it's still the most common medium) and it can be reloaded from there, losing only that which was written since the last backup.

    It's also possible that the servers are raided and/or there's a S.A.N. and the data is backed up "on the fly" which would remove the "lost" data issue but that's much with the tech so I'll be shutting up forthwith.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I found you a good example here of how that writer from my flist uses her blog. I think it kind of backs up what you and I were talking about last night.

  3. Humph. Ewan's blog is back, but the Cursillo one is still just a grin - the stuff I put up the night before hasn't returned. I shall wait a littile longer before i redo it.
    Girns, not grins, from your truly.

  4. My goodness - did that last comment too early for accurate typing!
    Di - you're right; an interesting use of blogging. Ta!

  5. Well - here goes. Thoughts on concentration in meditation... not that many wil be blisteringly interesting in joining in this. Anyway, I was trying to have my meditation period just before 1.00pm today and the concentration was as distant as me taking part in the Olympics - till I remembered - ah! Chuag Zu - a little often - then let the little grow... naturally.
    'With Thee is the Fountain of Life. Increase my desire for Thee' (Fellowship of Meditation)

  6. How do I get back into this game once I have left the page...?

  7. Just go back to the main page and click on "comments" again! You've obviously just done it ...

  8. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Chris, you know that grin and girn are the same word. Just think of the facial expression.