Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sunset over Bute

Sunset over Bute
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For the first time in 31 years I went for a walk today - Christmas Eve - at a time when I would usually have been making stuffing, cranberry sauce, brandy butter - all that stuff. I might even have been icing a cake (I once did this at 11pm, just before leaving for Midnight Mass) But today all was ready, and we were able to have a wonderful walk in the last of the sun at Toward Point, returning to the car in the dusk as the temperatures fell towards zero.

And it's just as well it's cold. Tonight, our turkey, ready and waiting for the oven, will spend the night in our car. No, it's not taking a ride; it's simply too big for the fridge and (for another first) I'm not cooking it overnight because the oven fan is playing up. At least we'll be able to heat our bedroom up a little if we don't have to share it with a dead bird.

See what my brain is reduced to by all this domesticity? But the rest of the pics are on Flickr and I've had a lovely day so far. Midnight mass later, and then the processing of bird to boot. And yes, you can take that two ways.

Happy Christmas.

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