Friday, October 13, 2006

Compromise and an offer I could refuse ...

It would seem that the Scottish Episcopal church- or at least the bishops thereof - have been slowing down to a walk over the matter of priests and bishops in same-sex relationships, waiting for the next Lambeth Conference to reach its decision on how to proceed. Bishop Martin, over on Following Columba, writes "How can anyone compromise when injustice is being done? Perhaps for some justice seen to be done is more significant and important than the future survival of the Scottish Epsicopal Church as an Anglican Province." I feel that we put our bishops in a very awkward position - it's as if once someone becomes a bishop he/she has by definition to compromise in order to hold all the flock more or less in the same field. I wonder how it'd be if we trusted them and the Holy Spirit a bit more and let them be themselves?

On another tack, I turned down a job today. Two months' work in my old department. I sometimes feel it'd be good to try my new ideas on a class instead of one or two pupils, but realised very quickly how I've come to value my freedom to do what I want when I want. I was also reminded that I would no longer be the well-known scourge of the recalcitrant that I had been, but would have to expend all that energy on re-establishing the persona.

Nope. I reckon you get too old for the job - the full bhoona anyway. Besides, I'm too busy having fun and tussling with moral dilemmas.

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  1. I think that's a shame! But what's the point if you are having fun...?

    I am more intrigued about who you would be replacing. This is gossip I have yet to hear!