Tuesday, October 10, 2006

There she blows....

Another first for me today - I saw a whale blowing at the entrance to Loch Long. (No - I didn't take the photo; it took me enough time to run back to the car for the specs to let me see it) By late afternoon there was a small crowd along the Blairmore shore road, all peering out to sea, some with binoculars, and passing drivers narrowly avoiding catastrophe as they tried to see why.

I was struck primarily by the volume of water involved - like an ornamental fountain suddenly being turned on in mid-channel. In a frenetically busy day, a rewarding moment.


  1. I hope the whale got back out ok - I can't help but think of the one that got trapped in the Thames! I wonder if anyone did take a picture? I also wonder if they put it online?

    A lovely story Chris.

  2. I know. I'm hoping the loch is a better prospect than the Thames. I believe some people in a small boat got pix - but don't know if they're geeks!

  3. Nice one, Chris. The Clyde really seems to be recovering from its polluted state. We saw lots of porpoises when out sailing during the summer. Think I've got some photos of them. If I have I'll post them during the Hols. :)

  4. I heard that it's a hump-backed whale. Surely the folk in the wee boat got pictures! I'm going to see if it's still there today since i also heard it was heading up the loch rather than out to sea.