Monday, October 09, 2006


The Oratory, St Mary's
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Having (more or less) recovered from working on team at a Cursillo weekend, I spent today re-engaging with normal life. I was reminded of the way I felt after the first time I spent a week in hospital having my No.1 baby - I came home and felt I'd been away for a year. Little things like the changes on the telly: in 1974 the Waltons had appeared and I couldn't believe such a saccharine programme existed; this time they've changed the linking sequence on the BBC with equally disorientating effect. (I never really liked the dancers - the two athletic guys on the roof were ok, and the leaping Masai , but the others left me cold.)

I'm not going to talk about the actual weekend here, but you can read the benefits of such an experience on the Cursillo in Scotland blog if you're interested.

The photo here is of the oratory at the Redemptorist monastery at Kinnoull where the weekend took place - a wonderfully peaceful place.


  1. Welcome back to the 'real' world.

    I'm being just a touch controversial / envious / cynical / .....

  2. Welcome back, Chris. Hope you're not going to be recharged and all revitalised now - putting the rest of us to shame? ;p

  3. And welcome back to the land of the blogging, Don! A wee holiday task for you, perhaps ....?

    AHM - controversial? you? never!

  4. Yep, Chris. Gonna blog till I drop over the holiday to make up for the lack of stuff lately!;)