Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Announcing ...

Finding myself missing ....well, travel, actually, on this bleakly misty day, I consoled myself by posting a new poem from my recent trip to Nevada. You'll find it here.

It's strange to notice how often I clock Las Vegas as a backdrop to drama and reality shows on TV, now that I've been there. It didn't feel familiar while I was in the place, but now I feel it should have. Maybe I simply felt the unreality of it, as if I too was part of some fiction.

But the most real part was the desert, and the thought of the uses to which we put it in the last century - and that's what the poem is about.


  1. The poem is worth reading.

  2. Well, dear lady, I so enjoyed your poem!

    Now I feel as though I have been to Scotland through your photos...and to the desert in my own country where I will probably never ever visit. (read, I cannot STAND heat!!!!)

    Your imagery verified my longtime distaste for the me, the term "desert" brings to mind the word "languish"! Should I find myself in a desert, I know I would live a state of deep depression, longing for hills and trees and LIFE! (although I know that the God who created the desert also created all manner of life suited to endure "Earth's hell"!)

    Your words speak much more kindly of the desert than I could utter!