Thursday, April 03, 2008

Judgement Day

Apologies for a rather feeble photo (didn't have my Leica) to illustrate this evening's activity: I was part of the team of judges for the Talent Contest at DGS. A hard task, actually - there were twenty or so acts, ranging from hip-hop dance to a jazz trio to stand up comics, so that to differentiate was quite a balancing act.

In the end the prize went to a boy playing an oud with great skill and panache. It was fun, in an exhausting sort of way, but I'm really glad I don't have to go to work tomorrow. It was also very strange to go into the new building and feel so unfamiliar with it all; the Forum comfortably accommodated tonight's audience of over 400 but felt a bit like a prison compound, while the English classroom I was taken to visit afterwards was tiny, cluttered (there were no cupboards; just shelves) and the laptops on a shelf along the back wall were served by a wire sellotaped up the wall and behind the ceiling tiles. All very Heath Robinson.

Still, it was a good night in memory of a popular janitor - I'm glad I said "yes" after all.

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