Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BIG deal?

I should have known better. Some time last year, in an idle moment, I sent one of my lighter poems to a site which promised a prize - a cash prize big enough to be tempting - for the best submission. Since then, I've been bombarded with vanity publishing offers, commemorative pins, plaques ... you name it. I could have filled my house with laudatory tat. I have deleted all these as they arrive, vowing each time never, never to do such a thing again.

And then yesterday's mail arrived. For a fairly princely sum, I can attend a Convention and Symposium in Las Vegas, where I can read my poem aloud and where Tony Danza, star of several long-running hit TV shows, will be entertaining you and thousands of other poets at our Gala Dinner and Banquet on Saturday evening, July 26, 2008.

The mind boggles. Obviously my font is boggling too, as it has stuck in some alien form at the thought of a return to Vegas. But I must remember to check out the site on the appropriate date - just to see if people actually go to these things.


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Sounds worth the expense! I'd be tempted!

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. But then... Las Vegas? It might be worth a gamble.

  3. Oh my! You obviously planned your Vegas trip too early!!!! hehehehe

    Talk about your 15 minutes of fame! Gads, it sounds like a fun time if you can tolerate the aliens, but alas...they have comandeered your computer? Terrible!

    I have always wondered about those invitations for poetry and photography contests, too.