Sunday, May 04, 2008

It ain't what you say ...

Just watched a few snippets of Gordon Brown's interviews on the evening news. So ... he's serious, has a difficult smile, knows it. And he's Scottish, and sounds it. Apparently all this makes him an electoral liability. He's made mistakes, and knows it. And he's just admitted it. To my simple reasoning this makes me more hopeful rather than less - I can't bear the fast-talking smarm of the kind of politician Brown says he is not.

I suspect this may be a nationality thing. Despite what I wrote the other day about the wonderful disengagement of having autonomy as a nation, I feel no hostility towards Brown. Exasperation, perhaps, but no more.

And I can't help reflecting on the years spent under PMs who sounded ...well, English, actually.


  1. politics....
    poly tics....
    many ticks????

    Here in the US of A we will be seeing a new president elected this year. To say I am NOT thrilled with any of the options is a vast understatement....

  2. I'm a socialist so I don't vote Labour anymore. But I watched this interview and for the life of me I couldn't see anything evil or crazy about this man, unlike with so many of his prime ministerial predecessors. For a start he has such ordinary eyes.

    He should be brave and, at all times, tell the truth as he sees it. I doubt if people would like that but he may end up being trusted which would be a novel and refreshing thing in politics (both English and Scottish).

  3. The PM has such ordinary eyes? Well, MP, given that he lost one whilast playing rugby aged 15, maybe that should read "he has such an ordinary eye"!