Sunday, August 24, 2008

Widening horizons

Arran and clouds
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I've lived in Cowal for the best part of 35 years. I've visited Bute maybe 10 times - but always to sing. I'd never been there to pursue my other passion, until Friday. We blew £13 on taking our car on the two-minute ferry crossing from Colintraive and used the resulting freedom to explore a great circular walk in the south of the island, with the focal point the mediaeval chapel of St Blane.

The chapel itself is remarkable, hidden away among huge trees in a fertile cup of land, sheltered from the sea and prying eyes - though Vikings apparently destroyed the Celtic monastery which orginally stood on the site. We were fortunate to have the place to ourselves for a good half hour.

Apart from this unique purpose, the walk itself was glorious. Some of the path along the shore reminded me of the Arran shore north of Blackwaterfoot, while the last section, through fields (and cows!) was more like Herefordshire. And it was amazing to feel at once part of Ayrshire - looking at Cumbrae from a new standpoint - and the Highlands: the Highland Boundary fault has a profound effect.

So I've done it - and now I see why people go on holidays to Bute. I can go there in an hour and be home for tea. I'll be back ...

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  1. Chris, you have done it!!!

    I hate the "if only's". However....if only I could visit Scotland! What a wonderful, beautiful, fabulous...if only I could find the right adjective!