Friday, October 17, 2008

Moving on ...

I'm glad to be able to link to no. 1 son's blog and rejoice publicly in his impending move to edit the European version of, the online Wall Street Journal. It's been an interesting exercise in self-restraint over the past couple of weeks when we knew but the news hadn't been announced; my tongue is metaphorically shredded by the equally metaphorical biting of same.

It seems to my often vacant and uncomprehending eye an interesting time to be moving into anything to do with money; I assume there is a considerable need for those in the know to keep informed. Cheers anyway, Neil - I'll have a wee glass of bubbly tonight to celebrate the white smoke!

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  1. A HEARTY Congratulations to Neil! I must admit, I have never taken much notice of the Wall Street Journal, but my father-in-law used to read the pages as if it were a great novel! He loved finance, and was thrilled as he watched his proceeds growing.

    I can feel your the time came closer and closer for my parents' anniversary party, I was SURE I was about to implode. Sweet release as they walked into the restaurant and everyone shouted out to them. I think my blood pressure fell down to normalcy at that exact moment!!!!!

    Congratulations, once agin!!!!!