Friday, February 13, 2009

Volcano day

Felt like making an appearance on my own blog for once. I'm perched on top of the crag on the rim of the caldera just before the break where the collapsing super volcano which preceded el Tiede poured a massive torrent of material into the sea. We were at 7,000 feet here, walking over patches of snow in brilliant sunshine, but far below us the coast had vanished under a sea of cloud. And as we drove down through that cloud, I thought of the sunloungers towel-bagged at breakfast-time by our German friends, and smiled. Just a little.


  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Getting up el Teide, even in a car, is so worth the effort. The road up from Los Gigantes is amazing and the lava field is like being on Mars! I'm very jealous!!!

  2. Well, a very lovely appearance, indeed! What a spectacular backdrop! I trust you are enjoying just a *little* of that sunshine as well??

  3. Excuse me, Chris, but where is the removal van? I'm packed and ready to come. Young, dynamic priest, eager to make contacts with schools and encourage young families. Brilliant with old biddies. Low maintenance. Complete with own border collies.

    How much do you pay and is the local beer any good?!!!

  4. Sorry, MP - I'm home again. The beer was great. I'm missing it all already.

  5. oooooo....I have been looking at your photos...made a comment on one. (I am "olivetreesoaps")

    Welcome home, wayfaring friend! Goodness, I would not blame you if you decided to stay. Absolutely beautiful!