Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Advent poem

I've posted another Advent poem on frankenstina. I'm grateful for the commission that led me to write it, and hope that as the magazine in which it now appears (the SEC's lovely publication Inspires, which seems to me to grow in stature with each edition, my own contribution notwithstanding) is out in the public domain it is now all right for me to post the poem.

The idea of a recurring need in our deepest places – for warmth, for love, for reassurance – seems to me especially poignant and powerful in the last months of the year. As the days shorten after the equinox, this can be felt as a disturbance, a restlessness of spirit reflected in the irregular rhythms of the free verse of the opening section of the poem. This settles into metre to reflect the idea of this experience recurring every year through the ages, a sort of incantatory passage in homage to our Celtic ancestors for whom the coming of the light was in every sense such an important event.

1 comment:

  1. A beauiful poem, Chris, conjuring such profound imagery.
    Today, as I was feeling a bit unloved, it occurred to me...when my husband ignores me,when my chilren seem to rebelliously deject me, when my Scotties turn and trot off the other way, there is One with whom I always find favor! Yes, we do all need affirmation and we do indeed look for it!