Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home, home ... In the glen

It's an odd feeling to be here - and an annoying feeling not to be able to send a photo of here to the blog: for some reason, despite an excellent signal, my phone has decided it can't cope with blogs and I don't have a lead for my camera here. Ah well. Aficionados of Glen Rosa, on Arran, can visualise for themselves the small white cottage to the right of the track, just before the campsite - the last house in the glen as you head for the Garbh Allt and the hills. And we are here, for a week.

I've been sitting outside on the wooden seat against the white-painted stone wall of this old cottage listening the the birds and the silence that enfolds their song. Last night, on a final visit to the garden in the gloaming, I found a rabbit calmly cleaning his paws, and this morning early there were two of them wetting their bottoms on the dew. (Actually I think it rained a bit in the night, but dew sounds more poetic) The Dutch Venture Scouts who were camping by the burn below us were admirably silent in the night, and by the time we surfaced this morning had folded their tents and stolen away. The summit of Goatfell, just visible from the garden gate, is clear and the morning calm.

What is so amazing for me is the sensation of living halfway to one of my favourite places, in the middle of the surroundings that sum up all I love about Arran. In a moment I shall make some coffee and take it out to that bench, and then we shall potter down to Brodick in search of a paper (no, not that paper). A spot of lunch, then off to walk another glen; we'll save the length of Glen Rosa for a day when we feel more energetic. In the meanwhile, I shall enjoy just being here.

And there's Wifi in the cottage. Joy!


  1. I can picture you perfectly! It sounds wonderful.

  2. ObStalking: Looks like Google's taken the photo for you already: <a href=",+glen+rosa,+arran&hl=en&ll=55.590812,-5.173616&spn=0.015254,0.038581&sll=55.581595,-5.172071&sspn=0.030515,0.077162&t=p&z=15&layer=c&cbll=55.590728,-5.173611&panoid=IbZ6qWzm5Re_ng4EkKbf_Q&cbp=12,48.55,,0,8.49>streetmap</a> ;)

    Looks like a nice area - I'm scheduling a holiday on Arran later in the year.

  3. I wanted a personalised pic! It's just about my face place ever...been coming all my life.