Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Of crows (or not) and sinews

Another improbably lovely morning in Glen Rosa as the early clouds melt and a hot sun shines on the garden - a totally private and sheltered place by virtue of the enormous rhododendrons that surround it. Yesterday was spent, you might say, on the doorstep - if doorsteps can extend for about 5 miles and climb several hundred feet and take over seven hours to traverse! For those unfamiliar with the terrain, Glen Rosa is a perfect glaciated valley rising through its length to a well-defined saddle which separates it from Glen Sannox. That saddle is where we ate our picnic yesterday, as two large black birds - crows? ravens? - shambled over the rocks or swished overhead so close that we could hear the wind in their feathers. I think they might have been disappointed when we rose from a post-prandial snooze against a huge rock; they may have been looking forward to a mid-afternoon snack...

I was alarmed by the fact that my tendons seem to have gone like perished elastic since I last louped down this glen; the recently sprained ankle certainly made life more precarious despite the fact that it held up until the last stretch near the Garbh Allt. I found myself quoting Hamlet: And now my sinews, bear me stiffly up ...

This morning, they are merely stiff. And I have a blister on the ball of my foot. But I have already slipped into the Arran mode of not caring too much about eating out, not caring that shorts don't really do much for my looks any more, and I think today will involve another picnic and another walk. Seaside today, I think .... Blackwaterfoot? King' Caves? The wonderful butcher in the village?

Life's hard, innit?


  1. Yes, I know there are typos in this post. I've tried to fix them, but can't find how to scroll down the window on the iPad. Later, ok?

  2. Pssttt....typos n'er bother me a bit! (as I have very fat fingers!)

    This sounds like such a divine vacation. I certainly hope you have taken lots and lots of photos!

    Crows? If those birds were crows, you would be hearing their "caw,caw,caw!!!" from afar. Dreadful beasts...I oft awaken to their loud obnoxious calls.

    I sprained my ankle when Ben was but a tiny baby and it took a year and a half for the thing to straighten up. For one reason or another, ankles seem to take time...

    Cannot wait to her about your next adventure!!!

  3. I have the same problem with iPad-written blog posts ! At least thats my excuse ;-)

  4. Typos aside, what is wrong with the "w" in the font? At least, in my view the middle of the letter looks like an antediluvian typwriter letter, worn with overuse. That used to be the stuff of detective fiction, when the blackmail note was traced to one particular Remington or Imperial. I thought electronics had put a stop to all that.

  5. For the sake of clarity: it's only in the comments that this oddity appears. The main blog is just lovely.... except that it takes for ever to scroll down. Hmmph.