Monday, December 26, 2005


Let's get this party started
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As you can see from this pic, which I nicked from Ewan's photostream, we at The Blethers do things in style when it comes to celebration. I have refrained from blogging the pic of the plates before dinner was served - too much food to be entirely decent. However, we managed to drag ourselves out for the customary promenade round a largely deserted and very foggy Dunoon between 8-9pm, and have more or less recovered from our earlier excesses. We have also, of course, sung carols and inhaled incense in the uncharacteristically warm church on two different occasions in the past 24 hours - an excellent Christmas altogether.

And so to bed. Happy Christmas!


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    If you won't put in a link to the food photos, I will: Ewan's Flickred Food.

  2. There is something deeply sad about two relations sitting at the same table posting comments on one another's blogs, no?