Sunday, December 17, 2006

Primus on Civil Partnerships.

I was intending to discuss the child cryptically mentioned two posts ago, but have put that off to say hurrah! for Bishop Idris Jones, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, for his statement reported in today's Sunday Herald. The debate over civil partnerships in Scotland has led him to want to speak publicly about the fact that the different Christian denominations hold very different views on non-traditional relationships, a fact largely ignored by the public as a whole. The Roman Catholic Church is firmly against civil partnerships, a postition "unaltered and rock solid", and it now seems likely that a majority view in the Church of Scotland will go the same way.

However, said +Idris, "that is not where we are as a church", pointing out that "there are many Christians who think that the legislation on civil partnerships is appropriate and an enlightened policy that should be supported." The RC church and the C of S apparently declined to comment on his statement.


  1. Well done Idris!!! I'm so gald someone with his visibility and clout has spoken out on behalf of not just the Scottish Episcopals but all us Christians who feel the same!

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    As a Church we can be so "enlightened", at times, and two minutes later shoot ourselves in the foot! (cf the non-election of a Bishop for Aberdeen) There are still massive tensions within our wee Church over lots of issues, not least on same-sex partnerships. Perhaps the non-election showed this as much as anything?

  3. I fear you're right, Kenny - but tensions can be life-giving. Complacency and stagnation - with a dash of respectability - are what kill a church.

  4. Anonymous2:43 AM

    It is true that God is all loving and all welcoming - but - the first thing Jesus says to someone who turns to him is - "Repent and believe the gospel".
    As many in the Liberal side of the church do not feel they need to repent or believe the gospel or accept the word of God as given and preserved by God that we might know the mind of God.
    I find myself wondering if human intellect is leading them astray and thinking themselves to be wise they have become fools.

  5. You are so right Jimmy... so if you could just point me to the bit in any of the four Gospels that Jesus speaks out against civil partnerships I'd be grateful...

    It was good to see the 'balanced' coverage of the issue on Reporting Scotland last night. I must admit to swearing in a most un-Christian manner!

  6. In what way was the non election of a Bishop for Aberdeen indicative of these tensions. I was stuck down here in Edinburgh and haven't gotten any of the dope on the election. I thought that there were just three camps who couldn't shift their allegiances.

  7. My understanding of the situation would be to do with the stance taken by the three candidates, who have very different takes on these major contemporary issues. If it *is* merely a stand-off, then there won't be growth - but we could always pray that it might make people think some more!

  8. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Thurso - Aberdeen - Scotland .... comforting and supportive to know sometimes that you are "not the only gay in the village" There is a place for us, where it has always been ... in the Church. Salve Idris, he's got it right again.