Thursday, January 25, 2007

Heading south ....

Ruth & Ed's Today we leave this house in Birmingham and travel to Fairhope on the Gulf coast. As there is no computer there, I shall be silenced and deprived! However, I'm wondering if the southward migration will warm us up a bit - it's still chilly here.

Yesterday we visited Birmingham Southern College, where Ed works. We met some interesting people, including a drama teacher who is bringing a play to the Festival Fringe in August and the Professor of Organ, who delayed the lesson of a hapless freshman to talk to us and demonstrate his magnificent organ (no sniggering there!)

As we marched briskly round the perimeter of the college, I couldn't help wondering if studying in such a peaceful and attractive environment, with everything to hand and such high amenity, made for a more focussed and serene type of student - or does it encourage neurosis and introspection? The students seemed very together - and very well off, with their big cars - but perhaps the weight of repsonsibility (all these fees to be paid) plays a part.

The day ended with a party and more lovely people. At this rate they'll all be coming to the West of Scotland - I think our hosts deserve a retainer from Visit Scotland!

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  1. What a lovely house! I'm sure Fairhope will be just as beautiful. It's cold here too, BTW. I turned up the radiator in your hall, but will turn it back tomorrow if it warms up again. No parcel as of Weds. I'll look tomorrow.