Friday, January 12, 2007

New toy.

Sunset and Arran hills
Terribly pleased with the quality of the camera on my new phone - especially as I didn't have to pay any extra to acquire said phone! The last one tended to produce very fuzzy images, so this - of the sun setting over Bute as I travelled on the Western ferry home on the one sunny day in living memory - is a great surprise. Better still: if you send your old phone back to Vodafone, they credit your account - in my case with only slightly less than I paid for the upgrade two years ago. And they send you the prepaid padded envelope .....gosh.

My only gripe is that it's not Bluetooth and the other one was - but I think I'd rather have the good photos!

Update: As ab points out, it is Bluetooth after all - I was too impatient to explore properly!

1 comment:

  1. So I discoverd yesterday! :-)
    The option was tucked away in a place I hadn't explored, and needed to be turned on. I don't do well with new toys, really ......