Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cardinals, Bishops and buzzards

Another wonderfully sunny day in Williamsburg - temperatures hovering just above freezing under blue sky. We've been taking a look at Colonial Williamsburg, though as it was so beautiful we preferred to stay out of doors as opposed to seeing films. (We hope we'll catch an appropriate movie later on Pete's magic telly ...) Anyway, I'm back to photoless blogging, not because I haven't taken any but because it's such a fuss without Flickr uploader and with so many photos to browse among. I've given the link above to show some of what we're up to.

By an extraordinary coincidence I discovered yesterday that Bishop Bruce (former Primus of SEC) is staying in Williamsburg. The greeters in the old (1715) Episcopal Church here seemed amazed that I knew him - but I had to point out that Scotland is a small country and the Piskies are a small minority. Churches here are much bigger affairs - and I learned today that while the Episcopal Church may be benefitting from early investment in U-Tube, other churches like the Community Church we shall attend tomorrow rely on giving. Wow.

Today we saw a red Cardinal (not a cleric) and a gang of turkey buzzards. The sun is slanting low over Governer's Land and dinner smells amazing. Time to leave the solitary pursuit of blogging and socialise again. It's a hard life .....


  1. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Thanks for reminding me about Williamsburg. I had the pleasure of singing there as part of St Mary's Choir (yes, THAT St Mary's) during the American Bicentennial Celebrations in 1976. I've still got the brochures and handouts I picked up at the time.

    I'm just horrified to realise that it was 31 years ago now...

  2. I *knew* you had an interesting past .....