Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Be near me

This photo, one of a series I took in Tighnabruaich today, has nothing to do with tonight's blog post - I just like it. But I thought I'd mention the book I've just finished reading:Be Near Me, by Andrew O'Hagan. A beautifully written novel, it begins lightly, with gently humorous dialogue, but develops its own tragic momentum. I loved it - and the teacher in me began to think that this is a book which would reward study at more than one level.

The obvious angle for me, I suppose, is that it would make a great text for a Personal Study at Higher level - not just a good plot to discuss, not just an interesting structure, but written with such loving care for language and imagery as to create delight in its craftsmanship. But the more recent educator, the one who wants to encourage people in churches to think imaginatively about the experiences of those they regard as outsiders, sees in this book a way in - a hero who engages our sympathy as he gradually reveals his early life.

Educational or not, it's a thoroughly good book. And it'll soon be out in paperback!


  1. The photo itself would make an interesting stimulus for some writing, too. Nice crop.

  2. Not a crop - I did it the old-fashioned way! Glad you like it.