Friday, March 09, 2007

Succinctly put

I have to thank blogger Mad Priest for publishing
this letter from John Spong on the subject of the current strains in the Anglican Communion. One sentence in particular struck a chord: I, for one, insist that truth always be placed above unity and I do not care to be a member of a Christian body that is mired in an unchallenged sickness called homophobia. Now, the church in Scotland is not currently so "mired" that it cannot extract its feet from the mud, and there is room for hope that we shall - to continue the metaphor - be able to march on our way unhindered. But right now there is work to be done. As Spong says, There are two kinds of ignorance in this world. One is the ignorance of not knowing. That kind of ignorance can always be remedied by simply getting the facts. The other kind of ignorance, however, is the ignorance of not knowing that you do not know. It is the job of those who know to teach those who do not, and we cannot afford to leave it to someone else.

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  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    A jagged little pill,very hard to swallow.