Friday, March 02, 2007

Smelly trip east

Mr B and I are off to Edinburgh in the morning and will end up attending the Bar Camp Scotland event to hear some creative ideas to do with technology, marketing, cool tools and innovation, according to Ewan. Actually we're hoping also for a chance to chat , however briefly, to said Ewan, who is becoming more Scarlet Pimpernel-like with every day that passes. But after all the fun I've had as a result of meeting other bloggers on the other side of the Pond, I felt the omens were good.

Sadly, we'll be driving the extremely smelly little car we've had all week while our own is being rearranged, at great expense, after an encounter in December with a Range Rover. The RR was stationary and undamaged, but the wheel arch of the Megane was grievously crumpled. Be warned: this is the one bit of the Megane, apparently, which cannot simply be taken off and replaced. Instead, it is joined on to other vital bits, rather like the bit on your top lip which is really part of your nose.

The smelly courtesy car has obviously been courteous to a dog before we were given it, and now stinks of a heady mix of damp dog and Febreze. If you see a Volkswagen farting its way along the M8 in the rain with the windows open tomorrow, you'll know who it is.

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