Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Borg and Byrd, inter alia

Night ferry
Yesterday was wonderfully full, beginning with a swim at 7.30am and ending - well, the activity ended - on this deserted ferry at 7.40pm. In between I'd discussed Borg's "The God we never Knew" in a group and travelled to Rothesay to rehearse Byrd's "Ave Verum Corpus" and Tomkins' "When David Heard". My idea of a good day, that.

I sometimes think there should be a bridge at the Colintraive Ferry, as the crossing takes just long enough for us to stroll from one end of the car deck to the other, where we disembark. Carless, we aged types do it for free, but need to be met or catch a bus of whose timetable I am ignorant. Still, it's a good place to be on a day like yesterday.

I'm pleased to see so much comment on yesterday's guest blog; I hope Hugh might respond when he gets back to his PC.

Note: "Borg" here does not refer to robotic creatures in a cube in space.

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