Monday, May 07, 2007

Blue Men in action

Wow. I've just been to The Blue Man Group Show in London's West End. I'm reeling. Three blue men - one of them was posing for photos as we left the theatre - did absurd and incredible things with drums, fluorescent paint, plumbing (used as percussion), members of the audience and, finally, yard upon yard upon yard of paper, which poured over our heads in an irresistible tide towards the stage as the lights flashed wildly and the drums throbbed.

There was a time near the beginning of the show when I thought it was all going to be too much - too loud, too insistent - but either my ears got used to it or the variety was such that the moment passed just at the crucial point. I was impressed by the sang froid of the young woman cajoled from the audience to participate in a crazy, silent meal - for this was in essence a mime show, with drumming. And as for the young man who was hustled backstage ...

There was great deal of paint, and Rice Krispies. But it's no good going on like this. It was wildly exhilarating. You had to be there. Really.


  1. Sounds fun. Were the Rice Krispies put on the young man? Look forward to hearing more!

  2. They were stuffing the Krispies into their mouths, actually - and several ended up stuck to his blue face. Strangely riotous!

  3. Chris - I am back, I promise...

    I have a bit of a weird theatre experience whis weather - keep an eye on the blog!