Friday, May 18, 2007

Garden party animals

I'm off to mingle with the great and the (unco) good tomorrow, at a garden party at the Palace of Holyrood. The weather doesn't look as if it's been told in time - so I hope there are plenty of tents around in which to huddle. This makes me think of the tents of the ungodly for some reason, but as the occasion for this bunfight is the opening of The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland I feel the description may be a tad inappropriate. The website I've just linked to describes the event thus: a garden party for Assembly commissioners and guests is one of the highlights of the Assembly's opening Saturday. As a mere Piskie, I am obviously in the category of "guest", and there will be several of us from all over the place. And the Duke of York.

Should be a blast - and a good blog topic, I hope. More when I return. And no - I'm not wearing a hat.


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    What a curious last sentence? I don't wear a hat when I blog either ;-)

  2. With a hair style that looks more masculine than feminine, why wear a hat!!!!

  3. Sorry - the men of my acquaintance tend not to have any hair, let alone pink hair....

  4. They HAVE to wear hats to protect their balding rude h.m. is!I look forward to hearing about your day.