Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rubbernecking in London

Evening street scene, London
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Another knackering day in the city left us feeling much as we did after Glen Rosa: it's amazing how city streets and - especially - an art gallery can leave your wee legs feeling ready to drop off. London is amazingly picturesque, however, so that even before you visit the National Gallery you feel you're part of a picture, or maybe a movie.

We had a lovely time in the National Gallery, all the way from a superb light lunch (good tip, Neil) to the Canaletto I'd never seen before (The Stonemasons' Yard) which I loved instantly. There is of course the thrill of going into a room and spotting some painting you've seen replicated on everything from silk ties to teatowels and suddenly realising this is it - the real thing.

We had some Earl Grey in Covent Garden to the accompaniment of a super string quintet, a visit to the wonderful Rohan shop there (many clothes we hadn't seen in Glasgow) and ended up in Fish! for dinner. Great.

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