Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Much ado ..

Buchanan Street scene
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Spent today in Glasgow. Spent quite a bit of dosh too - very satisfactory. We were intrigued by the presence of many yellow-clad police officers in the city centre (there appeared to be hordes of them, but closer inspection revealed that some were in fact yellow SNP signs). We passed one knot of them who were peering at/through some device, apparently at a group of tense-jawed young men with kefiyahs round their necks. However, the young men were considerably outnumbered by police and shoppers and we passed on.

Later, bedizened with plastic bags (and the one paper bag from the posh shop), we returned to Buchanan Street. The police presence was still very noticeable. About five youngish people were eating their lunch and playing chess on a pocket set; the only slightly odd thing was that they were sitting on the pavement, but nobody was paying them much attention. I asked a policeman if he was waiting for something exciting to happen, but no. Apparently the most exciting thing that could happen to him would be to be allowed to stand down. He hadn't had even a comfort break in four hours. They had been expecting an anti-capitalism May-Day rally, but it hadn't materialised and he was bored and presumably bursting.

Still, it was a lovely day for wasting police time in.

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