Thursday, September 06, 2007

Interim measures

Pictured: last night's card game - individual whist, if you're interested, in which I was dealt several hands more suited to rummy - or is it Ginny? We should have a last game tonight. I took my camera rather than my phone out in the snow today, though the cold (0 deg.) made it sluggish and the falling snow may have done it a mischief. However, I absolutely had to record the absurdity of our arctic walk where previously we dripped sweat. We passed what looked like a somewhat traumatised pensioners' outing - you have to be tough to be a pensioner here. Maybe that's what they said of us: tough old things. Now we're packing. Martina has turned up the heating and our waterproof trousers are almost dry. We believe that the weather back home is warm. It's been fun - but I could do with a bit of heatfulness before the winter. It is truly bizarre to feel so January on a summer holiday!


  1. By "individual whist" do you mean Solo Whist? With "prop & cop" (proposal and acceptance), solo and misere among the possible bids?
    I haven't come across it for years; I didn't know anyone still played it.

    I wonder if you're familiar with this anonymous comment on the subject:

    A curious game is Solo Whist;
    I seem to play it best when drunk,
    and then I lose hand over fist.
    It must be harder than I thunk.


  2. Robin, I'm ashamed to say I don't know if this was what I was playing - we had indeed had drink taken - but called it thus to distinguish it from what I used to play with a partner,when the big crime was to trump your partner's ace. Actually, the following evening we played contract whist - an altogether more serious affair!