Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pastures new

Visiting friends in the Borders, I'm struck this morning by how different it feels not to see the sea when I waken. The view from the front window - which in the room I'm in is through a round, four-part window set in a Virginia Creeper-clad tower, is predominantly green - trees still not autumnal, grass neatly trimmed, pale grey/blue sky. Later, I shall moblog a picture of this room, for it is truly amazing. I've managed to pick up a few pics and comments on the Scottish Learning Festival, but using a PC throws me something awful and I can't access some of my links because they won't appear on my sidebar for me.

I am also unable to finish either of my Scrabulous games on Facebook, because it will only load a blank board and no tiles. I guess it uses an app which this computer doesn't have. Is it truly sad, to be so addicted? Please don't anwer that - it's a purely rhetorical question. Besides, I'm off out for the day. Much healthier!


  1. Hi Chris. Glad to see you're out and about yet again while we slog away here at the new DGS! ;-) Hey what's happened to your blog? Your side bar is at the bottom of the page when I view it now - seems to have 'slipped'! Enjoy your stay in the Borders.

  2. I fear the slipped sidebar may be a function of either your PC or your browser, or both - I found the same problem on my friend's PC but now I'm on Ewan's shiny new Mac - and Firefox - it looks just fine.
    Interestingly, I also saw some German appear on the PC - must be PC gremlins!