Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Out of the frying pan?

Having escaped from the horrors of the new Dunoon Grammar School, we found ourselves this evening rehearsing in the building which is possibly one of the best small concert halls in the West of Scotland - Kirn Church Centre. We felt better, we sang better, we sounded better. And yet we discover that this building too is about to disappear, thanks to dry rot, high maintenance costs and dwindling numbers of people prepared to spend the necessary cash on such places. We could feel jinxed - but no. We'll just hope the weather treats the building kindly so that we are not ejected prematurely.

And now I'm off again for a few days - missing this year's
Teach Meet
by an oversight. I hope it goes well, and that there will be interesting blogging to catch up on. To anyone who feels it's my turn to buy them a drink - it'll have to wait till next time!


  1. I can't believe it's going either! I grew up in that hall and, indeed, with the beautiful Steinway! I think they are running out of ideas of where they are going to keep the piano when the centre is knocked down. I have been guaranteed it until Christmas time... What night do you rehearse?

    I feel like my whole childhood is being bulldozed! ;-(

  2. This is an interpretation exercise ...read the first sentence again, and don't forget to use the heading to help you find your answer!

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  4. So you rehearse on a tuesday night... got that one! I don't really get the title, though. I fear my intelligence is escaping me.