Thursday, May 01, 2008

Burning zeal?

Bonfire and boys
Originally uploaded by goforchris.
I think I may live after all. Despite the spectre of possible ticks lurking on every bush, I enjoyed thoroughly an afternoon of ground-clearing at the church today. Much of the enjoyment came from the satisfaction of the successful pyromaniac: I lit that fire with no more than half a dozen matches and a few squirts of barbecue-lighting gel. (Never tried that before - it's jolly effective) Oh, and a single page of the Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard.

It was a jolly afternoon - a bunch of the aged and about-to-be-infirm attacked the overgrown and branch-littered grounds with varying degrees of zeal, assisted by the two chaps in the pic who spent several hours complaining of barbecued eyeballs. You'll find another pic if you click through on this one.

And at the end of the afternoon we all trooped into church, smelling like kippers, for the Ascensiontide eucharist. We even had enough energy for a couple of hymns. And the bonfire ended the day as a pile of glowing white ash. Bear Grylls, anyone?


  1. I'm glad you posted the photos. I'll steal them from you, if I may.

    It looked like a splendid afternoon, and was grateful that no one seemed to mind me getting on with other things. And as for barbecued eyeballs -- you of all people know that teenage boys mustn't actually claim to be enjoying it!

  2. Steal away ....
    Do you think anyone would mind being in Inspires?

  3. Too bad my Ben lives half a world away. He loves bonfires...he would have been there helping as well as entertaining!

    It sounds as though all had a rather productive and enjoyable time.

    I am glad you got the antibiotics. I had no idea Lyme's was present in Europe as well. I certainly pray I did not add to your stress level, although I know as a young person, I certainly did achieve that in many a (poor unsuspecting) teacher!