Friday, April 13, 2007

All we like sheep.....

When the weather turns quite as gorgeous as today’s has been, it’s less tempting to sit at a computer. But I know that many of you lucky people will be returning to work soon (or have already done so) and so post this link, in the same spirit as I offered the snowball fight at Christmas, so that when you have to sit at a computer you have something deeply silly on which to waste your precious time. I’m currently stuck on the middle score.

Be warned: it’s fatal to try to read their foolish expressions.


  1. I've tried doing it with my eyes closed (they make a wee noise as they begin to dash) but to no avail. I can't get past the middle score.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    it may be the mouse setting, you know.

  3. Anonymous7:19 PM

    ... or just luck. After lots of bobbing bobcats, several randomly discgharged darts, we finally had a racing rabbit. Once. But that abates the stubborn streak for now.