Monday, April 23, 2007

Joined up people

Wow. My beloved PowerBook had a brain transplant this afternoon and suddenly the pages are flashing up – great. It’s the only functioning brain today; mine is in hibernation mode after a weekend of being mother’s little helper at the end of a Cursillo weekend. It was great to see our friend Dennis so obviously having had a wonderful time, and faintly awesome for me to be commissioned as the Lay Rector for the next weekend, in August. I kept thinking “Who’da thunkit?” all afternoon, as I remembered my own weekend in 2000. The photo shows the church at St Mary's Retreat Centre, Kinnoull, where the weekend took place.

The contrast between the activities of my week was as stark as I suggested the other day. However, I was given space yesterday to tell people about a new web community using ning, which seems to me a promising way of keeping in contact. I see no good reason why Christians should not be as web-savvy as the rest of us, and equally no good reason why age should be considered a valid barrier to communication. I’m happy to report that requests for invitations are beginning to trickle in; we may yet have a viable online network there. How will I know it’s working?

When I no longer feel the need to post on it.

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